Liver Pain

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Portal hypertension

Portal hypertension is something that can occur as an additional symptom - that is, something of a complication - when a patient has liver pain. It is a situation where the portal vein, and tributaries of that, have raised blood pressure.


It is possible for a person with this condition to have ascites, that is, a fluid build up in his peritoneal cavity. The spleen may be enlarged. Liver pain is another thing that might be experienced.


There are various reasons why portal hypertension may result. Here is a brief look at a couple of medical situations in which it might occur.


One possible reason for portal hypertension is liver cirrhosis (which is also something that may lead to liver pain). It can occur in a number of different situations. One of the reasons is abuse of alcohol. It can also come due to illness, like hepatitis B or C. One of the other potential reasons for this is fatty liver.

There are many medical symptoms that might appear in a person with cirrhosis. Ascites might be noticed. One of the other possible symptoms is jaundice. The person might bleed or bruise more easily than normal. Weight loss is another issue that might be found in some instances of this condition. More information on cirrhosis is available on this website.


The term hemochromatosis generally indicates a situation of iron overload due to reasons such as a metabolic disorder or a hereditary cause. In some cases, though, it is used to mean, simply, iron overload of any type.

Various symptoms can be found in cases of hemochromatosis, one of which is actually cirrhosis. Liver pain is also a possible issue. Pain can also affect other areas of the body, such as joints in general. Arthritis is another condition that can result due to hemochromatosis. In some cases, diabetes may be brought on by this condition.

Primary cases of hemochromatosis are considered to be those that are due to genetic factors, whereas secondary ones are acquired during the patient's lifetime in one way or another. An example of a secondary form of this illness would be having too much iron in one's diet. Multiple diagnostic methods are available for a doctor to try to diagnose a potential case of hemochromatosis.

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