Liver Pain

Learn the details about liver pain.


One medical condition that can lead to liver pain is lymphoma, which is a particular kind of cancer that occurs in the person's lymphatic cells (which are part of the person's immune system). The situation doesn't always lead to liver pain, but that is a possible presentation.


Various symptoms can show up in a person with lymphoma. One item that might affect such an individual is itching. Lymph nodes might also become swollen -- this is known as lymphadenopathy. The person might unintentionally lose weight. Exhaustion is also a possible result of this cancer. Shortness of breath is one of the other symptoms that might appear. Additionally, ascites may be found in a patient with lymphoma. Keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive.


There exists a variety of ways in which forms of this cancer can be classified. This page will not move too far into that territory, though. As one main point, there are both Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphomas. Forms of this cancer can also be separated based on the cells affected -- whether natural killer cells, B cells, or T cells. Within these categories, one can also find particular types of lymphoma. For instance, nodular sclerosis is a kind that is found inside of the Hodgkin classification.


Talk with a doctor regarding diagnosis of lymphoma. Diagnosis is not something that is done at home based on a list of symptoms (such as those found on this page), but rather is done by a medical professional such as a doctor. This page is not meant to take the place of the information, diagnosis, and any other assistance that is given by a qualified medical worker.


Not all forms of lymphoma are managed with the same method of treatment. Once again, please be in touch with a doctor for treatment that is specific to your particular case. Some forms of low-level lymphoma cannot cure it but may assist in symptomatic relief. However, people who have this kind often still live lives that are nearly normal in length. On the other hand, some types that are more aggressive do have a cure that works in most cases, but if the treatment does not work well for individuals in those circumstances, then the prognosis is worse.

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