Liver Pain

Learn the details about liver pain.

Liver failure

Liver failure is one of the things that can cause liver pain. Keep in mind that there are two types: acute and chronic. Whether such pain can occur in only one (and which one) or both is not something that this site is able to answer at this time. For this, and of course for any medical advice, please be in touch with a physician. For the time being, some general information on liver failure is considered here.

What is this condition?

A situation is considered to be liver failure where the organ cannot perform its usual function. As mentioned earlier, there is a pair of types of this situation. They are mentioned on this page.

Acute form

In this kind, the situation occurs quickly, and the patient is not known to have had any liver disease at earlier times. The length of time that is considered to be quickly enough for this definition varies from one source to another. One issue that is involved in this is the impairment of blood clotting. Additionally, encephalopathy is involved, meaning that there are changes in the person's mental status.

For diagnosis, several things are used. For instance, an examination can be considered, as well as the individual's medical history. Test results can also be taken into consideration. The speed at which the situation seems to have developed is another item.

Chronic form

Many things can lead to the chronic form of liver failure. Typically it results in situations where the patient has cirrhosis, but there are many reasons why that can occur. For instance, cirrhosis can affect a patient who has some forms of hepatitis. It can also come when a patient has fatty liver disease, or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Wilson's disease, a genetic disorder, is another possible reason why cirrhosis can take place.

Cirrhosis, as well as the issues that caused it, can lead to various medical symptoms. One of the possibilities is jaundice, where the skin (sometimes other parts of the body) is impacted with a yellowish tone. The person might also have ascites. Itching is another potential symptom. One of the other possible things to occur is that the person's urine may become darker.

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