Liver Pain

Learn the details about liver pain.

Liver Cancer

Liver cancer is any malignant tumor (cancer) that affects the liver. Although it may refer to cancers that have their origins in the liver, there are also secondary ones which start elsewhere and reach the liver. Such a condition is one source of liver pain.


Liver cancer is classified in a few different ways:

Focal nodular hyperplasias
Hepatic adenomas

Additionally, there are separate classifications for cancers that begin in the liver (primary), and those which spread to the liver (secondary). Some include:

Angiocarcoma (primary)
Breast cancer (secondary)
Cholangiocarcinoma (primary)
Colorectal cancer (secondary)
Esophageal cancer (secondary)
Hemangiosarcoma (primary)
Hepatoblastoma (primary)
Hepatocellular carcinoma (primary)
Lung cancer (secondary)


Liver cancer symptoms, particularly the initial ones, may vary widely. Some potential symptoms may include:

Abdominal pain (including liver area)
Enlarged liver
Tender liver
Weight loss

Diagnosis and Treatment

Liver cancer diagnosis may be made after a dual PET-CT (positron emission tomography - computed tomography) scan. Other methods may be used, however, there is presently no reliably accurate blood test for liver cancer. A doctor or medical professional may make the diagnosis.

Treatment methods for liver cancer may vary depending upon the circumstances. Some potential treatment options may include: chemoembolization, chemotherapy, proton beam therapy, radiofrequency ablation therapy (RFA), and surgery.

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