Liver Pain

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Itching is a word that points to a feeling which leads a person to scratch. This can occur for many reasons. Sometimes, it can accompany liver pain -- for instance, in cases involving cirrhosis. On this page, some other possible causes of itching are considered. Bear in mind that these items are not necessarily causes of liver pain (you can return to the home page to view those), but simply of itching which is not necessarily linked to discomfort of the liver.


One medical situation which can cause itching is diabetes. This condition can also bring on other symptoms. The three that are commonly associated with it are known as the three Ps. Polydipsia, one of those items, is where the person has a raised level of thirst. Polyuria is another one, in which the person urinates more frequently than he otherwise would. Thirdly, there is polyphagia, a term that means the person's hunger is at a greater than typical level. There are multiple forms of diabetes. Type 1 is sometimes referred to as the juvenile form. Type 2, on the other hand, is at times called the adult-onset kind. There is also gestational diabetes, occurring during pregnancy, which is the third main type.

Dry skin

One of the main reasons for itching is simply dry skin. This condition is also referred to medically as xerderma. It can be brought on due to different causes, including deficiency of either vitamin A or D. Washing one's hands particularly often can also cause the skin of the hands to become dry. Other reasons for dry skin also exist.

Lyme disease

This condition is a bacterial infection. It is spread through the bites of certain ticks. A particular type of skin rash known as erythema migrans is one of the early symptoms of this condition. Fever and exhaustion are a couple of the other symptoms that might show up early in the course of the disease. If the condition persists for a matter of months and is not treated (either at all, or simply properly/sufficiently) then chronic symptoms may develop. Polyneuropathy is a possibility. Vertigo may also affect someone in this situation. Pain in the back is one of the other potential issues.

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