Liver Pain

Learn the details about liver pain.


Hepatomegaly is a reason why a patient might experience liver pain. It is a medical term that refers to an enlarged liver. What are some of the other aspects of this condition?


Aside from liver pain, other issues could be noted when a person has hepatomegaly. For one, it is possible for a mass in the abdomen to be discovered. Additionally, in some instances, the person may have jaundice.


There are numerous medical reasons that can be behind an enlarged liver. In one area, various infections can lead to it. Mononucleosis is one such example. Some types of hepatitis may also cause it. Another potential reason that is infectious in nature is malaria. Certain metabolic issues can also result in hepatomegaly. An example of this is amyloidosis.

There are various tumors and cancers that can also lead to an enlarged liver. Lymphoma and leukemia are both possible reasons that fit into this category. Lymphoma is cancer of the lymphocytes, while leukemia is that of the blood or bone marrow. Various situations involving cirrhosis can also lead to an enlarged liver. Aside from these, many other medical causes can also be behind a case of hepatomegaly.

Diagnosis and Treatment

If you are looking for a diagnosis of this condition, please talk with a medical doctor. Information on this page is not intended to be taken as any form of medical advice. A physician may use the person's medical history to assist in making a diagnosis. A physical exam may also be administered. There are also certain tests that are available, including that of liver function. Imaging can also be used, including ultrasonography and CAT scan.

Based on factors including the underlying medical issue, treatment may vary. For instance, the treatment a person with leukemia receives is not the same as what someone who has mononucleosis is given. Other things may also be considered. Again, if you need advice, be in touch with your physician.

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