Liver Pain

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Hepatitis has the potential to lead to liver pain. However, there are many forms of hepatitis. To determine whether or not any particular type of it is known to cause liver pain, please talk with a doctor. On this page, there are simply brief mentions of different forms of this illness (there are also plenty of other forms that are not talked about in detail on this page). The term hepatitis shows that such conditions involve liver inflammation.

Hepatitis A (HAV)

In contrast to the other two forms of hepatitis discussed on this page, HAV is only an acute infection and does not lead to chronic liver disease. Despite this, some people who have this infection might go through a symptomatic relapse within a half year following the acute infection. As for symptoms, exhaustion is one possibility. Abdominal pain might also be experienced by the patient. Jaundice is another symptom that the person might have.

Hepatitis B (HBV) In adults, infection with HBV is typically cleared, although in some cases it becomes a chronic infection. In the acute stage, nausea and vomiting may occur. The urine may become dark. The patient might experience itchiness, as well as various other symptoms. However, in some cases, no symptoms are noted whatsoever. If the infection becomes chronic, the patient may still potentially present no symptoms. However, in some situations this infection results in chronic liver inflammation, and eventually in cirrhosis.

Hepatitis C (HCV)

Some people with HCV do go through spontaneous clearance of the virus, however, in many cases it does change from the acute phase to the chronic one. In the initial stage -- acute -- the majority of patients do not have any noticeable symptoms. If some do appear, they may include items like fatigue, jaundice, and pain in the abdomen. Such symptoms are normally mild. If the infection remains for longer than six months, it is considered to be chronic. At that point, about a third of such patients develop cirrhosis in under 20 years (however, this figure is not always agreed upon).

Other forms

There are various other forms of hepatitis, including amongst others these types: autoimmune, alcoholic, and ischemic.

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