Liver Pain

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Heart failure

Heart failure is a medical situation that can cause liver pain. Typically, this term refers to a condition where the heart is not able to supply an adequate blood flow, as required by the person's body.


This situation can lead a patient to experience various medical symptoms. One such possibility is shortness of breath. Speaking in medical terms, this can also be referred to as dyspnea. Swelling (or edema) can show up in the patient's legs. The person's breathing rate may be raised above where it normally is. Heart murmurs can also be found in some cases. The liver might be enlarged in some patients (this is called hepatomegaly). Jaundice is another possible symptom of heart failure. Also, ascites may affect the individual.

There are different classifications of heart failure, such as separation by which side of the heart is affected, as well as distinction in other ways. The symptoms mentioned here stretch across different classifications (they are taken from those that occur in both left and right-sided types of this condition).


The most common medical cause for chronic heart failure seems to be ischemic heart disease. However, other things can also be behind it, such as high blood pressure. Incidence of heart failure is also higher among those who are obese. Various other medical situations can also be causes of this condition.


There are various criteria that are used for diagnosis, but none of them has been set apart as an especially preferred option. One method that is employed as a support for a diagnosis is an echocardiogram. Various blood tests can be used for particular purposes, such as trying to determine underlying causes, as well as seeing whether a symptom is related to heart failure or is due to something else. An electrocardiogram can also be used as part of the diagnostic course.


How the condition is treated depends, in part, on whether it is chronic or acute. Other factors are also taken into consideration. After the doctor gives the diagnosis, he might prescribe a particular method of treatment for the individual. Treatment is aimed at the condition itself, as well as underlying causes that can be reversed, but some parts of the management of heart failure can also be focused on relieving symptoms that the patient is going through.

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