Liver Pain

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Exhaustion refers to a state where a person is aware of his weakness, whether it be physical or mental in nature. In some cases, it is a symptom that shows up along with liver pain. Exhaustion is often mentioned using other terms, including fatigue, lethargy, etc. There are many reasons why it can show up, for instance due to intense exercise or lack of a regular amount of sleep. In some cases, exhaustion is chronic in nature. Some medical reasons that may be behind this are mentioned on this page.


This term refers to a situation where the patient has low thyroid function. It can result in a wide range of medical symptoms. Some of those that might show up early in the course of the illness include exhaustion, itchy and/or dry skin, and weight gain. Later during a case of hypothyroidism, the patient might develop a goiter, and for females the menstrual cycle may no longer be normal. Iodine definiency is the most frequent cause across the world, although in people with sufficient levels of that trace mineral, Hashimoto's thyroiditis is the most typical medical reason.


This illness can show up in various forms. Types 1 and 2, as well as the gestational form, can all lead to exhaustion as a symptom. Three other common symptoms are known as the three Ps. One is polydipsia, or a raised level of thirst. Another is polyuria, in which urination becomes more frequent. Another is polyphagia, where the person's level of hunger is heightened.

Irritable bowel syndrome

This condition is known as IBS for short. Aside from fatigue, it can also lead to sensations like pain in the abdomen, bloating, etc. There is no particular test that is used to give a diagnosis of IBS, but rather, that may be given by a doctor based on the exclusion of other medical conditions that cause the symptoms that are related to IBS. More information is available on irritable bowel syndrome, which is also a potential cause of liver pain.

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome can also have its name shortened, to CFS. The exhaustion felt in this condition is persistent, lasting for at least six months. There are also other details related to the definition of the type of fatigue that is involved in this condition. Various other symptoms can be involved, including shortness of breath, allergies, pain in the chest, and more.

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