Liver Pain

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Difficulty Breathing

Difficulty breathing is a symptom that might accompany liver pain. Yet, it can also appear in many situations where this discomfort is not present, as it is not necessarily linked to liver pain. This symptom is known by other terms, including shortness of breath and dyspnea, amongst others. On this page, we consider some of the medical reason that may lead to it.

Cardiac ischemia

In cardiac ischemia, the patient has a hinderance to the blood flow to the heart muscle. It does not always lead to symptoms that the person notices. If it does, shortness of breath is one that may show up. Angina pectoris, which is a form of chest pain, may also be experienced. This can involve discomfort that feels like pressure, and in some cases burning. Pain may range into other areas including the back and shoulders.

The reason that is most frequently behind cases of cardiac ischemia is hardening of the arteries, which is known as atherosclerosis. In many cases, cardiac ischemia is not even diagnosed in a patient until after a heart attack has taken place. An ECG is one option that may be used for diagnostic purposes. Treatment differs in particular cases.

Pulmonary embolism

This situation can also lead to difficulty breathing. It involves the blockage of the primary pulmonary artery, or otherwise one of its branches. Normally, this occurs because of a blood clot that has become dislodged and made its way through the blood stream, although other situations can also lead to it. As for symptoms, a fever may occur, but it will likely not be severe. Coughing can also occur, and it is possible for blood to come up with this. The rate of the person's breathing might be raised. In more severe situations, cyanosis can occur. This is where the skin becomes blue (or some similar color).

Multiple diagnostic methods can be used for checking for pulmonary embolism. Blood tests are undergone in some cases. A doctor might request that the patient have a CAT scan in some cases. Other methods are also used. Also, multiple ways of treating the condition exist, and those should be determined by someone who is a professional, not because of what has been read at this website. One of the possible options is to administer an anticoagulant. Another one of the treatment methods that can be used in some instances is surgery.

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